Architektouren 2019 - Weyarn

Supermarkets are not particularly known as sexy structures, well, not usually anyway. However, Leupold Brown Goldbach Architekten (lbgo) have tested their creative boundaries to create something quite striking. I would certainly be inclined to pick up my groceries at this supermarket in Weyarn! 

The Bayerische Architektenkammer have selected the building as part of their open door weekend on the 29th and 30th of June this year. (Project 63 in the Architektouren Booklet).

Lukas Ebert, the project architect, who I met on site on a summer’s evening last year, gave me an insight into their vision and concept of the building. The Supermarket is part of a large mixed-use development, built on the historic land around Weyarn’s beautiful monastery. Ebert explains that it was critical that the structure would not to compete with the monastery’s presence, which is a difficult task with Supermarkets usually being very large buildings. In an attempt to illustrate the low-lying concept on the building, I set up my tripod on a hill next to the A8 motorway and composed the supermarket and the monastery’s spire in my frame. Taking the shot during the blue hour gave it that extra sparkle. The south side of the building is covered by a ramped blanket of a grassy meadow to both conceal the large structure and provide an amenity to the community.  

Strong concepts and anything that is community-driven is always a very enjoyable experience to photograph, a pat-on-the-back to lbgo

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