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  1. Vernissage Report

    12 Jun 2019

    The prints were hung, platters of food prepared and wine chilled. As this was my debut solo exhibition I had no idea what to expect ahead of the opening. Both nerves and excitement stirred, however, from the moment the doors were opened visitors began to trickle in and I was away…

  2. Urban Habitat - Photography Exhibition in Munich

    22 May 2019

    If I were to define the style and methodology of my photography, it would be a difficult task to categorise it into a single genre. This is because I have an affection of two contrasting approaches, which happen to lie at either end of the photography rainbow. At one end of…

  3. Nomadic life on the Mongolian Steppe

    27 Mar 2019

    Mongolian Horses on the Steppe Around half of the 3-million people of Mongolia live a nomadic way of life, which is deep-rooted in the country’s culture. The long and harsh winters can make living from the vast and diverse terrain of steppe, desert and forest hard, although while in Mongolia, I had the impression that family closeness and…

  4. a photographer’s journal

    12 Jan 2019

    My website has always been a polished showcase of commissioned work, however, I have come to realise that the process that leads to the finished product is as equally meaningful to show and tell. The intention of this ‘journal’ is to complement my architectural work with some behind-the-scenes reporting, as well as introducing my pictorial travel…

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