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  1. A super early start to catch the morning twilight

    26 Jun 2019

    I was greeted by two fellow sleepy-faces, Amlis and Anne-Sophie from lbgo Architekten, as it was 5.30 in the morning. There was a fresh layering of snow that fell overnight in Munich and it was still pitch black as it was only two weeks into the new year. Our gloomy morning moods…

  2. Architektouren 2019 - Weyarn

    08 Jun 2019

    Supermarkets are not particularly known as sexy structures, well, not usually anyway. However, Leupold Brown Goldbach Architekten (lbgo) have tested their creative boundaries to create something quite striking. I would certainly be inclined to pick up my groceries at this supermarket in Weyarn!  The Bayerische Architektenkammer have selected the building as part…

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