1. Photographed: Uninterrupted Views

    Date 05 Apr 2019
    This family house near Ammersee intersects the upper slopes of a hill, staggered in a cubic formation to exploit the south-facing and uninterrupted views of the undulated landscape. The orientation of the house may have been an obvious concept from the outset, however the architects Jacob & Spreng Architekten had accomplished it with brilliance. On the day of the shoot, I met with the architect who…

  2. Nomadic life on the Mongolian Steppe

    Date 27 Mar 2019
    Mongolian Horses on the Steppe Around half of the 3-million people of Mongolia live a nomadic way of life, which is deep-rooted in the country’s culture. The long and harsh winters can make living from the vast and diverse terrain of steppe, desert and forest hard, although while in Mongolia, I had the impression that family closeness and…

  3. A winter portrait: fv2architektur

    Date 16 Mar 2019
    On a chilly December morning, I met up with my friend and colleague Felicia Specht of fv2architektur for a portrait shoot. We met in the museum quarter of Munich as I knew there would be a handful of ‘architecturally interesting’ façades that I could use as a backdrop.…

  4. House H in print

    Date 09 Mar 2019
    Last autumn I photographed House H at Lake Starnberg in Bavaria, which was one of my favourite assignments to date. The architecture (by HHF Architects and Jacob & Spreng Architekten) has been exquisitely thought out and executed. It was also a bonus to be lakeside for some post-shoot ice-cream in the sunshine!  As…

  5. Travel Photography of Cuba

    Date 03 Mar 2019
    Cuba really does have everything one would want as a perfect travel destination: beaches, nature, architecture, friendly people and very refreshing Mojitos. During our stay last month we immersed ourselves in the culture of the Caribbean Island. There was a lot to absorb, however, what was truly noteworthy was the endless spectacle of crumbling colonial architecture and their active street life of residents sitting on their…

  6. a photographer’s journal

    Date 12 Jan 2019
    My website has always been a polished showcase of commissioned work, however, I have come to realise that the process that leads to the finished product is as equally meaningful to show and tell. The intention of this ‘journal’ is to complement my architectural work with some behind-the-scenes reporting, as well as introducing my pictorial travel…

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