Conscientious Preservation in Maxvorstadt

For a while now, I had thought that if I had the choice, I would want to renovate over building new. I am not sure why exactly, but it has probably got something to do with identifying the ever-evolving story behind an existing building. 

In desperate need of renovation, Jacob & Spreng Architekten restored this elegant apartment block to its former glory. Originally built in 1884, the 5-storey building in Munich’s Maxvorstadt district underwent a remarkable and meticulous restoration process. Throughout the property, many historical features remain — all the while designed with a sympathetic modern touch. 

To achieve a perfect frontal perspective of the facade, without any cars blocking the view, I mounted the camera on a 6-metre pole and captured the image via a live link to my tablet. Unable to gain access to the building opposite and flying a drone deemed unsafe, the solution using the pole prevailed! 



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