Grocery Shopping in Weyarn

Leupold Brown Goldbach Architekten have demonstrated their creative capabilities by building something quite remarkable in Weyarn. Last year the Munich-based architects had completed this contemporary supermarket, which is part of a broader mixed-use development in the small Bavarian town. 

During the shoot, the project architect Lukas Ebert gave me an insight into their vision and concept of the building. Built on the historic land around Weyarn’s beautiful monastery, Ebert explains that it was critical for the structure not to compete with the monastery’s presence. Given that supermarkets are substantial buildings, I can only assume that it was a challenging task. A grassy meadow covers the roof, ramping up from the southern side of the building. The planted roof conceals the massive structure while providing a new community space to enjoy. In an attempt to illustrate the low-lying concept of the building, I set up my camera half a kilometre away on a hill next to the A8 motorway. I composed the supermarket and the monastery’s spire in my frame. Once the sun had disappeared behind the Alps, both the monastery and the supermarket glowed in warm floodlight – creating a striking contrast against the blue backdrop. 

 I admire community-driven ideas, which often lead to enjoyable photoshoots. Hats off to the designers for swimmingly achieving their initial concept. 

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