Nomadic Life on the Mongolia Steppe

Around half of the 3-million people of Mongolia live a nomadic way of life, which is deep-rooted in the country's culture. The long and harsh winters can make living from the vast and diverse terrain of steppe, desert and forest hard, although while in Mongolia, I had the impression that family closeness and community spirit were at the heart of their livelihood.

Nadaam, a festival of horse racing, wrestling and archery is held every summer on the Steppe. Nadaam translates as 'the three games of men' and is competed and loved countrywide. During our journey across the steppe, we stumbled across a small Nadaam event and I had the pleasure to meet many contestants, spectators and even the judges.

Mongolia, 2014

Mongolian Horses on the Steppe

Suutei tsai, a salty milky tea is served

A Nadaam wrestling contestant

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